is it 3 strikes you're out or 3rd time is a charm?
I guess we will find out, won't we?

My ears were pierced first when I was 10 years old. And it did not go great. they hurt and were irritated for months and months. And then I finally took out the earrings for like a day and the back of one of them closed up. There was no way super-sensitive Daphne was going to be letting anyone go pushing an earring through my inflamed, trying to heal skin. No ma'am. Not gonna happen. So my mom told me I would have to wait until I turned 13. And I did wait. I waited much longer than necessary. I waited until I was 21.

21 years old. Married for a year. Just graduated with my bachelor's degree in psych. a grown up. getting my ears pierced again. And it lasted much longer than the first time, over a year, in fact. It lasted until some point after my oldest son was born. I don't know when I took my earrings out. I do know why, though. Having a baby pulling on my ears was less than pleasant. The ears needed a fighting chance against the teeny tiny fingers of pain. Out they came. I figured that the nearly 18 months of pierced-ness would guarantee my tiny ear holes would stay in place, existing into my old age.

But no. It was not to be. My very rebellious right ear needed closure. Well, partial closure at least. Another closed back. Yay? Boo!

And then I waited. Again. Or maybe just resigned myself to the idea that maybe I simply needed to focus more energy on shoes or hair or something. I figured that my ears had probably both closed completely, a small chunk of subdermal scar tissue my only lasting remnant of my misguided adventures in this particular womanly ritual, the wearing of earrings.

Then a couple days ago, I was avoiding laundry and decided to see if I could get an earring into the hole, no problem. The right? Not so much. But I didn't give up, oh no, I did not give up. Out came a very sharp pin and then eventually a rather sharp pin. Studs have been placed neatly into my ears and are staying there for the foreseeable future. Will it last? Will I get to wear a pair of beautiful earrings on my 30th birthday in a couple years? Your guess is as good as mine. In the meantime, I am taking donations to my earring collection.

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