Things I wish that someone had explained to me when I was younger.

1) You cannot completely control pain, but you kinda can. It is a lie to say that "if you don't think about it, it will just go away." Because even something as small as a scratch on your finger WILL PROBABLY keep hurting you for a while, even if you busy yourself with other things. You do have the option to increase your pain. You can make it far worse. Your mind is powerful and strong and very very connected to your body (actually, physically connected!) and your heart when it comes to increasing your pain. If you tell yourself that you are in even more pain, then you will be. It is not, however, "all in your head" any more than speaking a sentence is all in your head. Sure, it started there. But the sentence was spoken and became real. So too with the pain. And once you create it, you can't take it back. So, be careful with your mind and your thoughts. Because YOU can take the pain you never wanted and recklessly take it further than it ever needed to go. Or you could not. No one else can choose for you, though. And don't expect the pain to "just go away."

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