for the love of crafts

1 board (the back insert of a large unused frame)
a Sharpie
a button

a picture frame with glass
scrapbook paper
white paper + your best hand writing
a dry erase pen

this one I'll tell you about another time
since these brown paper packages are a gift for someone who might peek at this blog

a metal basket thing I already had
a pink box to keep "already received" notes/drawings 
from kiddos or loved ones all in one place
fabric hearts from the craft store for $0.45! 
(I wrote on the back "Jesus loves you" with a Sharpie)
the white flower heart from our wedding (it used to be part of the ring pillow thing) 
a family place to put love notes!

this cost me NOTHING!!

the metal "Love" tag I already had
1 old picture frame
old t-shirt strips
burlap roses
coat hanger heart covered in
more strips of white shirt then made PINK with watercolors
and hung with twine
= a front door "wreath"

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