Some of my best ideas

spice rack re-purposed as homework supply rack
this thing is portable, thanks to its little handle up top
and it is turn-able because my old spice rack was lazy susan style
the only things that didn't fit well were the scissors. 
they are contained in an old tp roll, with the glue sticks next to them  

roasting rack becomes cabinet organizer!!!
I only use my big roasting rack a few times a year, like Thanksgiving.
other than that it just takes up space. not anymore!
now it keeps my frying pans, lids, and griddle plates vertical and easy to reach.

when I bought a wall mounted paper towel holder, I was left with this old one, which was just begging to be put to good use
and so, daily coffee mug holder was born. this tree of mugs sits right next to my coffeemaker on the counter and frees up a TON of space in the cabinet

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