Wheat free but not gluten free

This is a list of my favorite things that are wheatless but NOT gluten free. I am a case of true wheat allergy. No celiac here. I can eat barley, malt, and rye with no adverse effects.

1) ALL Bobo Bars


They have some that are also GF, but I don't even notice which ones I grab, because they are all wheatless! Sweet.

2) Rice Krispies - the normal ones

They use malt syrup - aka gluten badness. But I don't have to think about anything but my waistline (and how clean someone's hands were when they were making it) when I pick up a rice krispie treat. Yummy.

3) Lindt chocolate

I was initially sad when I found out that Lindt was not GF, as I thought that it meant that I was out of luck in the truffle love department. However, when I recently received a box of gourmet truffles from a neighbor, I decided to dig a bit into the interwebs and what did I find??? Wheat, my nemesis, was not the culprit. It was barley malt extract. Oh my stars! Yay!

4) Mestemacher Bread

Mestemacher Bread Three Grain, 17.6-Ounce (Pack of 6)

German bread made with: Whole Kernel Rye, Water, Wholemeal Rye Flour, Oat Kernels, Barley Kernels, Linseed, Salt, Oat Fiber, Sesame, Yeast.
If I want whole grains, I can get them.  And I happen to like the taste of rye bread, so this works for me. Toasted with butter it fills the need for something warm and crunchy. 
Ok. That's about it. There are probably more that I can't remember, but those are the favorites for now. Ciao. 

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Julie Pearson said...

Nice to know about Lindt! Yeah for chocolate!